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Your access to the $34 trillion tech metals market!



The tech industry is rapidly growing.
Tiberius Coin allows you to participate in that growth story
by directly investing in an asset-backed token
that includes the physical metals that are making it all possible.

Commodities trading used to be a sophisticated play, now
we've opened it up to everyone.

Tiberius Coin is a breakthrough new asset-backed token that is directly tied to physical metals. That means your Tiberius coins can never go to zero.

And when it comes to liquidity, no coin even comes close. Every Tiberius Con is backed by and redeemable for physical metals, one of the most liquid markets in the world.

While traditional institutions fear and combat the blockchain, we have openly embraced it and see it as the logical next step in simplifying and increasing security in modern investing.


Our token is regulated, feeds the growth of the technology sector, is liquid, future-proof, and every dollar you invest goes into purchasing the metals that back each token.

We've created a new type of Digital Asset that is designed to build your wealth, not destroy it. Tiberius Coin keeps you in control and lets you invest on your terms.



Robotics & AI

AI, automation, and other related technologies are already exploding onto the scene. As companies look to scale, cut costs, and benefit from this innovation, these technologies will continue to grow at an alarming rate.



IOT & Telco

All major technologies rely on some form of communication. Major tech and telecom companies are leveraging communication through things like the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to gather more data, increase profits, and deploy new technologies.




Transportation is already heavily benefiting from the current wave of innovation. New tech is heavily influencing things like drone deliveries (Amazon), autonomous driving (Tesla), and other initiatives that will change the way we approach basic transportation.



Space Exploration

Space is the final frontier. While it may seem distant, companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are already pushing the boundaries. Any and all future innovation in this industry will require a massive amount of resources from all areas of the tech industry.

tiberiuscoinElectric vehicles, GPUs, AI, circuit boards, and most electrical wiring.
  • Platinum (1.5mg)
  • Gold (3mg)
  • Cobalt (1g)
  • Nickel (6g)
  • Copper (25g)
  • Tin (5g)
  • Aluminium (25g)


We handpicked these seven metals because
they are the catalysts behind all the exciting new electric vehicle
and battery technology, and they offer the stability you need.

Tiberius Group AG is a leading global commodities asset manager, mining operator, and metal merchant. We understand this industry, we know where it's headed, and we designed the Tiberius Coin to allow you to profit from this future growth.
Tiberius will purchase the metals at the London Metals Exchange, one of the oldest and most liquid exchanges in the world.

When you own a Tiberius Coin , you own 100% of the metal backing it. And because all transactions are handled by the blockchain, you never have to worry about security.
Where most Digital Assets bypass compliance, we prioritize it. Our company uses PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) to audit the metals and we use an independent network of competing warehouse companies to store it.

What does this mean for you?
The metal backing your Tiberius Coins is safe, secure, and 100% insured all of which is included in the standard warehouse fees.
Market prices will track the LBMA (London Bullion Market) prices.
Tiberius coins are easily tradable and can even be redeemed for physical metals, making them the perfect tool for investors and producers.


You don't want to miss out on the next tech boom.
Investing in the metals that technologies like solar,
electric vehicles, robotics and AI need guarantees you a share of the profits

Aluminium: Electric vehicles, consumer products like the iPhone, and solar panels
Copper: Electric vehicles, GPUs, AI, circuit boards, and most electrical wiring
Cobalt and Nickel: Electric vehicles and batteries
Platinum: Optical fibres, LCDs, turbine engines, hard disks, thermocouples, and as a catalyst to create silicone
Gold: Electronics, flash memory, gold plating in semiconductors, and in special aerospace instruments that are exposed to high-temperatures
Tin: Solder on circuit boards and the coating in most electronic equipment

Each of these metals play an important role in the technology sector. Whether they protect from corrosion, or make up the key components in batteries, CPUs, and GPUs, the demand for these metals is already here and is guaranteed to grow over the next decade.


9,00% Total Cost



We've created the most liquid Digital Asset ever issued,
one that can never hit zero, and one you can trust.

Here are the Benefits of Investing in Tiberius Coin


Secure & Stable

You can't fool the blockchain. Tiberius Coin uses smart contracts that allow it to function like digital cash. This means less risk, less speculation, and an easy way to invest in technology. Zero is impossible with Tiberius Coin.


Flexible & Liquid

When Digital Assets crash and new regulations are introduced, cashing out is nearly impossible. Months and years of profit can be lost in minutes. Tiberius Coin doesn't suffer from this problem because it is backed by the extremely liquid global metals market.


High Growth & No Fees

Invest in a token that will grow your money not lose it. Tiberius Coin provides you with a unique way to profit from the soon-to-be $34 trillion technology sector.


Regulated & Transparent

We embrace regulation and see it as a necessary stepping stone. Our vision is to make investing more accessible to every day investors like you by democratizing the entire process.

The Team Behind Tiberius Coin

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