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Start Protecting Your Life Savings from Inflation with the Help of Tiberius Coin

You’ve worked hard your entire life saving for the future. You bought a house, put money aside for retirement, and tried to build a nest egg for your children

Enter your latest political leader, inflation shot up, and your savings are gone.

There has to be a better way, right?

It’s not fair that you work hard your entire life and have nothing to show for it because some political leader you didn't even vote for causes political instability, damages the economy, and puts their own agenda first.

Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you.

How would you like to keep more of your money every year?

You read that right. How would you like to make inflation a thing of the past? There’s no gimmicks here. That’s exactly what the Tiberius Coin can do for you. Keep reading, there’ll be more on that later.

A Brief Look at Inflation in South America

It’s no secret that inflation is rocking the majority of South America. Some of the most stable economies in the region are being hit hard right now as their economies plunge into inflation.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • Venezuela – 1,000,000%
  • Argentina – 40%
  • Uruguay – 6.1%
  • Mexico – 4.6%
  • Guatemala – 4.4%
  • Colombia – 4.3%
  • Peru – 3.2%
  • Brazil – 2.7%
  • Chile – 2.3%

Venezuela alone is nearing 1,000,000% inflation, and while this is a clear abnormality, there are other countries feeling the burn just as much.

Take Argentina, a far more stable country than Venezuela, where inflation rates are currently at 40% and the future outlook doesn’t look good.

But what does this mean for you?

Depending on which country you come from, your money is losing that percentage every year. In Argentina, $1 today is worth $0.60 next year.

That money you spent decades saving is losing its value fast. This is all because of inflation.

Inflation rates can rise for a wide variety of reasons:

  • A new government is elected and pushes for a change in taxation and monetary policy
  • Political instability causes a bottleneck in basic supply and demand
  • A healthy economy with more spending causes consumer prices to rise
  • A demand-heavy economy with a supply shortage.

While inflation has many causes, for you, it simply means your savings are bleeding out every year, whether you are hiding the money under your mattress or in a national bank.

Tiberius Coin Beats Inflation

One of the best ways you can overcome inflation is by storing your wealth in assets that aren’t affected by inflation.

That’s why Tiberius Coin is a great tool to help you beat inflation.

You see, each Tiberius Coin is backed by a specific basket of metals. We’ve spent years researching and developing what we believe is a basket of metals that can protect you from inflation, political instability, and other factors that you have no control over.

And here’s why.

We don’t believe you should lose your savings to inflation because the general population of your country gets caught up in false promises and elects a new leader that is disastrous to your country.

Here’s how we solved that problem.

We developed and pegged the Tiberius Coin to three different baskets of metals. We call them the tech basket, the electric vehicle basket, and the stability basket. Each and every Tiberius Coin can be redeemed for physical metal, meaning its value is directly tied to the price of those metals. Unlike other cryptos which have no real value beyond perceived value, Tiberius Coins are backed by their underlying metal.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, okay, why does this matter to me?

This matters because…

Commodities like metals are always in demand, future tech will always need these metals, emerging markets will need these metals, and traditional stability metals like gold tend to do well in periods of uncertainty.

And instead of being tied to your country’s economy, you are now tied to the great world economy. This is a win-win for you because you benefit in every outcome.

At worst case, you keep more of your money every year because the Tiberius Coin will beat the inflation rates in your country.

And in a best case scenario?

Your savings grow as metal prices continue to rise, meaning you have more money to renovate your house, to send your children to school, and to use when you retire

Getting Started is Really Easy

If you’re ready to protect your savings and keep your money in your hands, the Tiberius Coin is the right choice for you.

We’ve made the signup process easier than ever.

      1. Sign up and pass the basic screening process.
      2. Create a wallet using the supported wallet apps
      3. Purchase a Tiberius Coin from our ICO in October.
      4. Watch your money maintain its value.

We’re On To Something Big Here

Here’s the deal. We’re not happy with the current systems in place.

You deserve better.

It’s stories like yours that motivated us to create the Tiberius Coin because people don’t deserve to lose everything they worked to build because of a few bad decisions by their country.

With the Tiberius Coin, you can say goodbye to inflation and start watching your money grow.

Tiberius Coin is set to go live in October, we’re ready to bring you the change you need, are you ready to accept it?

Change is good.

Stay up to date with the latest information about Tiberius Coin. Join the official Telegram discussion today!

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