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We Can’t Accept Credit Cards

We’ve all heard of Murphy’s Law. You know, the one that says whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Well, that happened to us on the eve of our ICO. We were ready to accept credit cards as a form of payment to purchase Tiberius Coins.

Sadly, we cannot do that now.

For all the good cryptocurrencies out there, for all the real tokens looking to solve real problems, there are countless scam tokens. It’s these tokens that have ruined it for everybody in this industry. Without trust, financial systems just don’t function very well.

And you know what, we’re not mad.

Credit card companies have the right to look out for their interests. They are loaning the money and they need to practice proper risk management. They see cryptocurrencies as a risk and we weren’t willing to see you guys pay 15%+ fees to purchase Tiberius Coins.

We know we’re on to something big here, we’ve had so much interest, but unlike other development teams, we care about our investors, the project, and the ideas that we are working on.

So, it’s for that reason that we won’t accept them.

We’re providing a legitimate access to commodities trading with our physical metal asset-backed token. You don’t deserve to pay higher fees because a credit card company doesn’t believe in the cryptocurrency movement. You will still be able to purchase your Tiberius Coins using traditional Bitcoin, fiat, and other methods.

And once we gain traction? Credit card companies will start to trust our platform and everything we are working towards. We’re not looking for a quick fix here, we are looking to democratize commodities trading for good. This is about opening access to the global metals market through custom-tailored tech plays.

October is here, Tiberius Coin is ready, and we won’t let this news slow us down. You can still purchase your Tiberius Coins, but you’ll have to look for other ways other than a credit card.

Are you ready to take part in the tech sector growth story? We are.

Tiberius Coin will ICO in October. Interested investors are encouraged to check out the company’s official website, read their whitepaper, and to ask any questions they may have in their official Telegram group.


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