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We’re Delaying the Sale of Tiberius Coins for Now – Here’s Why

When we started Tiberius Coin, we were always focused on the long game. Every client deserves to protect their valuable assets, no matter the size of their account. So, it’s for this reason that we have decided to temporarily halt all sales of Tiberius Coins. We continue to focus on the future, and at the moment, this is the only way to guarantee the long-term viability of this exciting asset-backed token.

At the beginning of October, we received news that our credit card processors were going to make investing in Tiberius Coin difficult. The fees they wanted to charge were detrimental to our business, and for that reason, we could not accept them. Despite this news arriving just days before the Tiberius Coin sale started, we decided to go live. And while many interested parties turned up to purchase Tiberius Coins, many others were unable to due to these restrictions placed on credit cards.

The initial sale raised $1 million through 700 investors. Between September 1st and October 5th, over 100,000 !!! interested individuals visited our website, showing that there is immense interest in it. Based on this data, we estimate that our total client base would have doubled if credit cards were made available as a payment method. If we are unable to sell $15 million worth of metal, we will not be able to support this project and our long-term fight against inflation will cease to exist.

And we don’t want that to happen.

Everyone deserves to choose their own financial freedom and we feel Tiberius Coin will provide you with this opportunity. As of now, we are investing heavily in our platform, improving it, and working with notable credit card processors to on-board new payment gateways for our client base to use. This issue will be enhanced in order to provide a better user experience. Our estimated timeline for these changes is December.

The majority of our client base comes from countries across the world. Many of these countries suffer from high inflation, weak currencies, and corrupt governments. We designed Tiberius Coin to help them ensure that their money stays valuable, regardless of local governments, bad policies, and other events that can destroy your wealth.

Credit cards are safe, secure, transparent, and simplify the transaction process. Leading up to our initial sale, we encountered a lot of scammers trying to pose as members of the Tiberius Coin team. Some of them were successful in their scams because they were able to prey on unsuspecting victims using non-traditional payment methods. These scams would have been much less effective if credit card payments were available because credit card processors practice adequate risk management.

If Tiberius Coin is going to be a viable business, we need to halt the sale of tokens for now. All investors who took part in the presale and current sale will have their money refunded. Legally, we cannot hold your funds for more than 30 days, and we do not wish to betray your trust. Unlike other tokens where the developers pocket everything, the Tiberius Coin platform was built in such a way that we never touched your money. It was directly invested into the underlying metals, not us, making you the owner of those metals.

Exciting changes are on the horizon for Tiberius Coin in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, connect with our Telegram group, and stay up to date on these changes. Our token is the solution for clients in countries with failed currencies. Tiberius Coin protects you from inflation and provides you with a legitimate investment vehicle to protect your wealth.

We’ll have more news in the coming days and weeks. Lots is happening and we’re excited about the future.

The Tiberius Coin Team


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