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Why Tiberius Coin Holds More Value Than Any Other Crypto on the Market – Gemini Included

The goal of investing is to make more money than you started with as quickly as possible. The cryptocurrency markets, especially in late 2017, provided these types of opportunities.

To this day, volatility is still one of the biggest risks when it comes to traditional cryptocurrencies. When Bitcoin and Ethereum can lose nearly 50% of their value over a few months, you can see why investors are skeptical to invest for the long-term.

Tiberius Coin, the world’s first legitimate asset-backed token is working to change that. Gone are the days where a token is valued based on perceived market value. Each Tiberius Coin is backed by real physical metal that follows three plays: technology, electric vehicles, and stability metals.

You read that right.

Every Tiberius Coin can be redeemed for physical metal, making it a great tool to trade and invest for retail investors, large commodities firms, companies that manufacture products, and anyone looking to take part in the metal markets.

In a world where things like the Winklevoss-led Gemini offer stability through direct control, we are focusing on providing you stability through one of the largest decentralized markets in the world. Gemini token seeks to peg its value to the United States Dollar, but in doing so, the developers have the right to freeze your tokens at will.

These kinds of stable coins are certainly a step in the right direction, but they directly violate the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.

Direct Control Isn’t in the Spirit of Cryptocurrency

Regulation is good when it comes to cryptocurrencies. This industry is full of scammers. Regulation helps keep things in control and provides much-needed stability and transparency to an otherwise opaque industry.

Yet, cryptocurrencies aren’t designed to be controlled by a single party. Tokens like Gemini are taking a step in the right direction by legitimizing cryptos, but they are doing so through a system of control.

Much like Gemini is streamlining currency trading, we are seeking to open access to complex financial markets like commodities. The commodities markets remain closed to most investors. We’re working hard to democratize commodities trading by making it more accessible to retail investors.

Tiberius Coin as the Compromise

If you are looking to take part in the cryptocurrency markets and want to skip all the volatility, Tiberius Coin is the right choice for you.

While all markets can experience downturns, we will always need metals to manufacture the latest tech, cars, and building materials.

When you invest in Tiberius Coin, we can’t freeze your assets like the Gemini token can because the only thing that will dictate price is the market itself. However, you never have to worry about being pegged to a single economy because the metal markets exist globally, they are a great hedge against inflation, and metal prices are stable.

There’s going to be many innovative tokens entering the spotlight as outdated financial platforms continue to adopt blockchain technology and transform.

With Tiberius Coin, you can easily invest in physical metals, hedge against inflation, ride the technology sector growth story, or invest in cryptocurrencies for your first time. We’ve created a new type of token that offers direct access to the cryptocurrency markets through one of the most established industries in existence.

This isn’t about creating another low-value token. The Tiberius Coin holds real value because it’s backed by actual metal. Whatever your reasons for investing, Tiberius Coins have a place in every portfolio, whether you want to add stability or seek aggressive growth.

Our token is ICOing this month. We’re ready to change commodities trading forever. Are you ready to take part in this change? Join our whitelist today and get approved to purchase your first Tiberius Coins.

Tiberius Coin will ICO in October. Interested investors are encouraged to check out the company’s official website, read their whitepaper, and to ask any questions they may have in their official Telegram group.


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