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It’s Time We Talk About the Future of Tiberius Coin

Tiberius Coin was never designed to be a traditional cryptocurrency. We saw our coin as a way to level the playing field. We wanted to provide retail investors with access to the metal markets so they could protect their wealth. That’s what we envisioned, and that’s what we’re building.

We need to address something.

The current state of ICOs isn’t something we want to be associated with. We never sought to create an irrational coin that had no value. We created the TCoin with a real purpose. Each TCoin is worth the metals that back it. Our coin is backed by fundamentals and will follow the prices of the metal market.

Unfortunately, something happened.

Our payment processor changed the terms of our agreement on the eve of our launch. They wanted to charge you, our investors, excessive fees. That sudden change forced us to postpone the initial sale. We didn’t feel it was fair to do that to our loyal supporters.

It’s ironic that our plans were stalled by the very companies whose services we are trying to improve upon.

There’s good news.

We aren’t giving up. Our team is working tirelessly to improve TCoin, and we’ve made solid progress. We are confident that the partnerships we are working on are going to enable us to do great things.


The Tiberius Coin Explained

Tiberius Coin shouldn’t be lumped with traditional ICOs. We are not raising money to spend on our platform, development teams, and other costs. Instead, any money we raise is invested in metals.

We are selling metal – it’s that simple.

The traditional crypto markets have no idea how to define Tiberius Coin. They can’t decide whether we’re an ICO, STO or TSO. But you know what? It doesn’t matter.

Here’s what really matters.

It’s important to understand that we use the blockchain to facilitate the sale of metals and to issue tokens as a proof of ownership. These tokens can be traded easily against fiat and other tokens.

There’s no doubting the ICO scam culture that exists. We couldn’t believe how many scammers tried to hijack the presale and initial sale. It’s for that reason that we are leaving Telegram and moving to a more secure IMS. We’ll still provide updates on Telegram, but our team will engage with the community using a platform that better prioritizes security.

The entire crypto markets have experienced radical changes, and new ICOs are struggling. Bitcoin alone has plunged from USD $20,000 in late 2017 and has even dropped as low as $3,600.

It would be risky for TCoin to relaunch in the current environment. Based on the latest numbers, a relaunch would be a shot in the dark.

Funds raised in 2017

Total raised $6,213,002,958

Number of ICOS: 875

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Funds raised in 2018

Total raised $7,320,445,197

Number of ICOS: 1188

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

And you know what?

We believe in our coin and the real-world value it can provide. If TCoin is going to work, we need to educate our investors on why it’s different. You deserve to have the right tools to protect your wealth, those same tools that financial institutions restrict your access to. Our goal is to democratize access to the financial markets.


The Future of Tiberius Coin

The Tiberius Coin team is committed to the project. Our passion hasn’t changed, and we are going to make this happen. We are ready to devote the necessary energy and funds to re-launch the token. If the market cooperates, we plan to do this by Q2 2019.

We want you to be a part of history. Stay up to date with the Tiberius Coin team by following our news channel on Telegram and our blog.

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